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Beach Week 2022

July 24th-29th

Beach Week 2022 is an incredible week of camp coming up in July for High School students from 9th-12th grade. 

About Beach Week

We first went to beach week this past summer and it was an incredible camp!! We had a great time with friends and getting to gain more friends all centered around our savior. This week has the power to change the course of a student's life not because of the location of the camp but because of who the camp is centered around and that is Jesus. Sure we get to go to the beach every day, shop at cool shops, and get coffee at their coffee shop but the week is filled with so many ways to help your student grow spiritually. We have devotions every morning, Conversations throughout the day, worship, and a powerful message every evening. This week can impact your student's life for the Lord tremendously and we hope your student is able to make it and not miss out on Beach Week 2022!!





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