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QUICK VERSION: Harvest is discontinuing our mobile app and moving solely to a website-based approach for weekly communication regarding upcoming events, online giving, announcements & more.

(For more information, please continue reading below.)

What's Changing?

At Harvest, we are always trying to keep up with changes in technology and make information available to our church family in the easiest way possible. This means investing in the media delivery platforms that people use the most to access information in other areas of their life. For the past five years, we have utilized our popular HBC APP as a main source of communication for church members. Due to changes in technology, consumer trends and especially website advancements, we have made the decision to move away from the expensive and complicated delivery platform of a mobile app, and instead focus all our efforts in providing information primarily through our website and social media channels such as Facebook & Instagram. We have enjoyed the HBC App and hope you have too. As we retire it and move forward with continued development of our website platform, here's an easy-to-understand guide on how this will affect you. 

What Do I Need To Do?

1. Effective immediately, you will no longer receive new information on the HBC App. If you currently have it installed on your phone or other devices, we recommend you delete it to save that space on your device. To delete the app, simply click and hold on it until a prompt gives you the option to "remove" or "delete" it from your device. And, that's it!

2. Moving forward, simply go to for all your church information needs. Anything you could do on the app before, can also be easily done through our website. This includes online giving, upcoming events, information about the church, how to become a member, baptism application, doctrinal beliefs, mission statement, core values, planning a first visit to Harvest, and much, much more!

Thanks for reading and helping us as we continue to push forward in our communication efforts!

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