Whether your a brand-new Christian, just beginning to grow in your faith, or someone who's followed Jesus for years, we all have a next step to take in our faith. What's Yours?

    Our path of faith begins when we give our life to God, trusting in the gift of Jesus as payment for our sins, and claiming our desire to live for Him with all that we have. This is the first step for anyone who has never given their life to the Lord.


    Baptism by submersion is a Biblical command given to Christians and The Church. It is an outward sign of an inward change. It's the first step of obedience a new Christian should take. 


    This is much more than just having your name added to a roster. This step in a Christians life shows a higher level of commitment to be involved in what God is doing through a local church body. 


    LifeGroups are the key to community at Harvest. They are the easiest way to make new friends and grow together with other believers. If you truly want to feel connected with others, you need to join a LifeGroup!


    Even Jesus served others when he washed the feet of His disciples. When our faith is growing, we should feel an urgency in our life to pursue Jesus with our actions. A step towards serving others is a step toward becoming more like Christ.


    Faith isn't a destination, but a journey. We all need to continue seeking God's plan for our life and strive to grow in our love and understanding of him. This means we must seek discipleship and advanced training.

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