Baptism Is How We Tell Those Around Us That Our Life Has Been
Changed Because Of Jesus

What Is Baptism?

Baptism is a outward sign of an inward change that has happened. The Bible calls for Christians to take the step of Baptism as the first act of obedience to God's Plan for each of our lives. It's very important to understand that baptism is not what allows us to go to heaven when we die. That is only made possible by placing our shed blood of Jesus in payment for our sin.

Who should be baptized?

Every person who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior should follow God's command to be baptized. Baptism tells those around us, "I've Decided To Follow Jesus. I'm Different Now"!

Can I get baptized without first being saved?

No. Before Salvation and making a decision to follow Jesus, baptism would mean nothing. It would simply be an act of dunking someone in a tank of water. The life change happens when we choose to follow Jesus. Baptism just reinforces our decision to live for Jesus with those around us.

My child just accepted Jesus. Should they get baptized now or wait until they understand what baptism is?

This is a tough question and one that you might find yourself asking when you've raised your kids in the faith. It's exciting as a parent to see your child make their faith their own. It is important that your child truly understands what Salvation and Baptism are. This can't be rushed and it's something that your child will have to work through as you guide them and teach them what the Bible say's regarding these things. If you feel your child is still working to grasp the understanding of Salvation or Baptism, we recommend you wait on baptism and continue to have honest conversations with your child about their faith regulary. When you believe your child is ready and can tell you about Salvation and Baptism, as well as the differences between the two, it's probably time to consider Baptism. Still, baptism should be your child's choice, not something you ever force upon them. This allows your child to take ownership of their faith, and their walk with Jesus.

What are the requirements before I can be baptized?

1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and commit your life to live for Him. 2. Meet with on of our Pastors to confirm your faith. This is a simple conversation that you will have with one of the Pastors at Harvest when you submit your application to be baptized. During this time, we will walk you through the entire process of baptism so you'll know exactly what to expect, where to go when it's time to get baptized, and so on. That's it! Easy Right?

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