We can see great things happen when we come together as a family and strive to see God work through us! 

What Is Church Membership All About?

Becoming a member of a local church isn't just about having your name on a roster or being part of a club. Instead, it's commiting ourselves to a greater cause and joining together as a team to maximize our impact as God works in and through us. When you choose to join Harvest as a member, you are acknowledging the work God is doing through the our local church body and commiting yourself to further that work by serving, giving, and growing together.

What Is Required To Become A Member Of Harvest?

There are 3 basic things that must happen before someone can join Harvest as a member:

  1. Personal Salvation
  2. Baptism (By Water Submersion)
  3. Attend A "Discover HBC" Class (:45/min Class)

Can I Join Harvest By Transferring My Membership From Another Church?

Yes, we are happy to accomodate church membership transfers by letter. When filling out a membership information card, you can note this and we will handle the work with your former church of transferring your membership.

I Was Baptized In Another Church Differing From The Baptist Denomination. Will that work?

We don't require an individuals baptism to have been done in a Baptist church. We do however require the baptism to have been a "fully-submerged" water baptism as opposed to a sprinkling. Baptism by submersion is mandated by God's Word and was set by Jesus' example in the Gospels. As a church, we want to honor the example of Jesus in every way. If you we're previously baptized in another church by sprinkling and would like to join, we will simply ask that you be fully baptized by submersion in one of our services. Our Pastoral team can work with you on this to make it a very simple process.

What Is The "DISCOVER HBC" Class & Why Do I Need To Attend One?

DISCOVER HBC is an 45-min informative class led by one of our Pastors and covers topics including our core values & beliefs, our mission, membership process, community, service opportunities and more. It's a foundational class, meant to give you a firm overview of what Harvest is all about. This class also paves the way toward church membership at Harvest.

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