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A Place For Parents To Pay Towards A Students' Beach Week Fees


Parent Info

Date: July 25-30th

We will be leaving that Sunday after Service driving halfway to Panama City and staying at a church. We will wake up Monday morning and will be leaving to make it to the camp. Christiancamp.com


Cost: $350

Cost right now is $350 but will be lowered some through our fundraising. If you have been paying online and have paid the full cost already or are planning on paying that full cost we will have the capability to reimburse you for the amount that we lower the cost of camp to. So if you have paid the full $350 and the final cost comes to $275 then we will be able to reimburse you the $75 over charge. 


Fundraisers that I have contacted: 

-       Sonic (waiting on response)


-       Buffalo Wild Wings (Waiting on response)



-       Chik-fil-a – chicken nugget tray sales!! Chik-fil-a will give us cards for students to sell their nugget trays at a certain cost for your student to raise money. Your student will get all the money from the sales that come in for this fundraiser. More info will come as I confirm this week all the details with the store. 


-       Pizza hut (waiting on response for possible car wash)


-       Dessert auction – April 25th this will be a great fun day that we will need you and your students to help either making desserts, setting up, or cleaning up. More details will come this week as well. 



-       Tweet to Elon Musk (no reply pending response) 



Please register your student as soon as you can (Link for registration above) so we along with the camp has a better idea for who all will be coming. 


Deposit for camp: 

Due april 30th for early registration all who register (online) and pay their $50 fee (to Harvest) will be entered into a drawing at camp for special prizes and gift cards. The $50 fee is part of your students end payment of camp that is not extra. 


Leaders going: 

Chase Housley 

Bregan Housley 

Jason Brumley 

Ashton Brumley

Adam Park 

Aydre park 

All of these leaders do have career jobs so these leaders could be subject to change and are not 100% sure as of right now but if anything changes you as the parent will be the first to know. 


Travel Arrangements: 

Possibility of taking our church bus but very possible for us to rent all vans for the week so there is no worry of breaking down of our vehicle so far away. That decision will be made soon. 



Always feel free to message me Chase Housley with any questions that you may have about camp. And as time moves forward we will have more parents meetings to keep you guys in the know about everything going on with camp. 

Email: Chase@hbcfamily.com