We we're made for community! Spending time together is one of the greatest tools we will ever have in order to grow together in our faith.

What Are HBC LifeGroups?

Simply put, LifeGroups are a like a second family! We spend time together, share in life's great and "not so great" moments. In short, we do life together.

When Do LifeGroups Meet?

We have LifeGroups that meet at all sorts of different times and locations. We want you to join a LifeGroup that will be a good fit for your family. While the choice is yours regarding which LifeGroup to join, we try to help you find a LifeGroup with other people in the same walk of life your currently in. This includes finding you a LifeGroup that meets during a time that's most compatabile with your schedule availability.

How Often Do LifeGroups Meet?

Again, this varies by group. Most of our LifeGroups meet at least twice per month.

What happens at a LifeGroup Meeting?

We have LifeGroups that are strictly recreational and do activities that include bonfires, potlucks, game nights, bowling nights, etc.. We also have groups that are home-based and include a short Bible Study. We'll help you find the type of group your looking for!

Can My Kids Attend A LifeGroup With Me?

Absolutely, we are a family-minded church. We have LifeGroups that are full of kids. Not only does this help your kids make friends and build relationships in the church, but allows parent's in similar stages of life to grow together. Not in the children stage of life right now? No worries, we have "Kid-Free" LifeGroups available for you as well!


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